There is much to tell when it comes to the story of Lanificio CINI. If we look back, to its initial foundation back in the 19th century as a humble workshop producing cloth, co- arse blankets and finer fabrics, to where the company is today, we can conclude that luckily a lot has stayed the same. Indeed, the company has made a qualitative sarto- rial leap, but the profound love for the original woollen mill and deep respect for craft- smanship have remained, even after all these years.

Ever since the company was transferred to Mr. Sandro Zara, after the return of its atelier to Venice, a symbolic change was made. With respect to this transition, a cura- ted array of garments was developed. Non-seasonal in nature, anti-trend based and crafted from traditional workwear silhouettes, rooted deeply in the Venetian lagoon and rural lands.
Key to this precise work is the incredible archive that the CINI family maintained. From fabric swatches, to astute weaving dimensions, patterns and cloth experiments, everything was kept meticulously in its original state.

These are not clothes that overimpose themselves, instead they embrace a poetic longing for a slower, more profound approach towards our contemporary society. Each hat, blanket, cloak, shirt or overcoat tells a unique story, one marked by almost two centuries of sincere artistry.

CINI shapes a dialogue between maker and wearer, one that is open and respectful. From inception to finish, each individual product is a result of the philosophic touch of true artisans.
Their hands mend the woolen thread, woven by historic techniques, carefully yielding the fabric into its definitive shape.

Nothing is left to chance, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.